Final ep online

So the last of the eps of the 12 hour album challenge is complete and up on Bandcamp. Check it out here. I took less of a minimalist approach to this. Where the last ep was solely improve with little mastering, this ep, called Winter’s Wounds is much more heavily produced. I went back and recorded saxophone, bass, and drums to a couple tracks. I even recorded using a new method I discovered. I took one of the contact mics I got from Crank Sturgeon, attached it to the bottom of a 16 oz can, and fed it through delay. Its created a very haunting effect, that I think I’m going to use for vocals from now on.

This weekend I heard from Kro regard the USA compilation/collab album he planned. I made a track for this back in June with Dylan Palme, but Ben (Kro) lost access to the internet. Now hes back and things are back on track. No word yet when a release might happen.

Also I just got a new bass, and it sounds beautiful. Its an Ibanez SR300, nothing fancy (except its finish) but the tone is just what I was looking for. I actually went into the shop to pick up an amp I had some work done on, and I just wanted to test it in the shop. I asked them what a good punchy rock/punk bass would be and they pointed out this silver Ibanez with glitter in the finish and said, “No, seriously.” The guy was right but now I’m thinking about refinishing it.


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