Emily movie

So a couple of years back I was contacted by a young film maker, Marco Sanchez about using some of my music in his movie Emily. Doing a search on YouTube I discovered that he film has been released, and makes pretty generous use of my music. Its very fitting, seems to work well with this film. Below are posted the clips that include my music but if you head over to Marco’s YouTube Channel you can watch the whole thing and I highly encourage you to.

a short clip from the beginning of Sysinal can be heard at 8:29 then goes immediately into a track by KalvaryBass 666

contains the songs Aqweup and Judas Takes a Walk on a Cold Day

This video begins with Knowledge Power

This video begins with Confession as a form of control

(In the beginning) Midnight in the Garden with Sweat Rolling off your Forehead (At the end) This Black Heart it Bleeds like no other

“This Black Heart It Bleeds Like No Other” (after credits)


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