When we got to Philly it was dark. This has become a theme in our journey: spend all day in a bus or ride share, arrive in new town too late to be able to orient our selves. We walked down from the SEPTA platform to a dimly lit road in what looked to be a rather unsavory part of town. There were rows of abandoned warehouses, every other apartment building had a gap that exposed plain grey mortar walls on each side. A bit further down the road we found some one sitting by a fire in their backyard. It wasn’t a very pleasant walk but it was a short one. Thankfully the people that we couch surfed with were super sweet. They showed us their garden, told us of there plan to build a tiny house in the lot across the street, and lamented the encroachment of developers; factory built houses have been popping up transforming parts of the neighborhood to suburbia.

The next night was the show. Instead of spending the cash on Philly’s transit system we decided to walk. We went all day making our way through the downtown. A “Punk Rock Flea Market” grabbed our attention, until we found out you had to pay to get in. It was only $3 but since we weren’t planning on spending anything inside it seemed foolish to go in. Instead we made our way to try out some Philly Cheese Steak. We went to a place on South St. on a natives recommendation for being a place that was economical and also good. It was neither.
So we headed for coffee and tried to figure out where the show was.

We gave up on frugality and took the bus. We found the place easily enough. It was a pretty decent house in what looked to be a decent enough neighborhood. They people at The Hovel were really nice. I got set up super early and was sound checked an hour before the doors were to open. Then the dude who booked the show said he would be right back. He never showed up the rest of the night. I was a little worried at first that this was going to be kind of weird, but then a bunch of people showed up and there was a much better vibe in the place. This turned out to be a fun night. I kicked it off with some lulling ambient sounds that put the door man to sleep (literally), and the night progressed from there with Hip-Hip (the first time I’ve share a bill with a rapper), Metal and Hardcore. My Aunt and Uncle showed up at one the loudest bands to pick us up. It was a little too extreme for them so they went out about the town.

Afterward we headed to Dover, DE with my Aunt and Uncle for a much needed break from the Urban.


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