The Future

So the next year has many wonderful opportunities for me. The big one is a summer job, baking at lodge in Alaska. This means heading out west over the next few months, which means, I hope, playing some shows. If I do it will be more stripped down than before. I’ll probably just be bringing my loop station and a contact mic (maybe my delay).

Also I have a few recording goals. I just got a portable digital recorder and I’m bringing my laptop on this trip so I intend on field recording as much of my journey and rendering it into as much music as possible.

This is very exciting because over the past few months I have met some wonderful people who would like to put out some of my material on there label’s, both physical and net based. I’ll be sending material out to Forever Escaping Boredom, EAT-SOAP and to Mike Barret of Belltonesuicide who runs a tape label whose name I don’t know.


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