Cassette Label Recp

If nothing else than to keep my self organized here is a recap of the releases I have pending. I am up to four now!

Asthmatic Baker: A one sided release with the fledgling Genetic Tapes is pending. An improvisation of looped bowed whisks. Last I heard there was equipment failure, but I’ve had no updates in over a month.

Tachal Dhal: Full length vocal drones. All music and art has been sent out to Lurker Bias. There was some technical difficulties getting the image to work with Lurker’s cassette art template, but I’ve seen the results and like it a lot. No specific date set, but I was told June, so it should be soon.

Audio Scrap Booking: My most eclectic catalog of sound collages yet. Everything has been received by Illuminated Paths who will be releasing it. With in a few weeks.

Kingdom Fungi: All set to be released on Cavern Brew Records on June 18th.

Also in the mix are a few new compilations, a couple of which I have already sent out tracks for. More news on those when they get released.



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