End of the Year

I’m certainly not alone in the feeling that the final day (if not the whole month) of the year is a time of deep reflection. While many mourn the loss of another celebrity; look back counting the numerous other famous deaths, terrorist attacks, and of course this terrible election, I almost feel bad saying 2016 was a great year for me.

Balancing fatherhood, and creativity wasn’t easy, but I managed to release three new albums on cassette, contributed to nine compilations, released two splits, and laid the ground work for my own cassette label.

I’m proud to say I made it on to the final Classwar Karaoke Survey. I haven’t had time to sit down to listen to it, but I’m guessing number 34 is a great one.  As of this posting its already gotten over 800 listens!

And heres a list of the albums that made 2016 for me

boy man machine – Drose
Asphalt for Eden – DÄLEK
Deserts of Youth– Lisa/Liza
Eraser Stargazer – Guerilla Toss
Dark Sun Sets Circle – The Electric Nature
The Glacial Enclosure – Gregg Skloff
Roportionspro Ortionsproport Ions – Proportions
Fixations – Pierre-Luc Simon
Collab 6 – Sound_00 and Lefterna


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