Dangerous Kitchen Compilation

I’m so excited that this compilation is finally here! The title sets the theme for this one. A collection of tracks that use sounds from the kitchen as primary source material for experimental music. It is as good, if not better than I had anticipated. Please consider giving this a listen.



Houston Benefit Vol. 2

The second and final volume of the Houston Flood Relief Benefit compilation series is here! Both compilations raise money (100% off sales) for Operation BBQ Relief which will help feed flood victims in Houston. The charity, album art and titles were all chosen by a crowd poll of contributors. It was an honor to be able to take part in this. Please consider buying donating to this, by purchasing either (or both) of the albums, or even just individual tracks. Below I have provided links to both Compilations



Houston Flood Relief Benefit

Welcome to HOUSTON FLOOD RELEIF, Volume One – a collections of songs for charity ( Operation BBQ Rescue )
on behalf of victims of Hurricane Harvey. Contains music & art from the following artists –

See Through Buildings / Zumaia / UBA / Mean Flow / Black Howler / Pedro /
DunJIN / Hari Hardman / Dormir dans la chambre froide ? / NMTArts / AMK /
/ Harsh Noise Movement / Wilfried Hanrath / Frank Audifrett / The Wiggins / tENETIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Ivan Black / Sea of Åland / Ghostskull / Ripley / Arvo Zylo / Soshana Michel / The Muse and the Martyr / Ninja McTits / Kellerkind Berlin / Der Domestizierte Mensch / Dimmer Twins / Karlheinz Essl / PetCatMan / I,Eternal / Dictionary Soup / Matthew Napier / Lord Iain Hawk / Pansori / Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / Playman54 / Harmonic Chaos / Arvo Zylo / Martin Neuhold / Heiland & Strigoi / Mydolls / Jim Ottaway /
Yuko Katori Anthony William Herndon /

Cover By : Papagena Yamamoto


Call Out: Houston Benefit Compilation

I’m participating in a compilation album to benefit Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston. It is yet to be determined who will be the beneficiary of this fund raising effort, but its looking likely to be a local Houston charity. 100% of money raised will go to the charity. Learn more here:
and consider contributing something, its open to all genres.

Are They Still Out There?

This compilation had a really interesting theme: unsolved crimes. So I used this as an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Vermont History. My track was about the disappearance of 5 people in a five year period in an area of Southern Vermont called the Bennington Triangle. Listen to the track to learn more about it.



I stared at the Sun

Unlike the U.S. President I did not actually stare at the sun during the solar eclipse. I spent my time recording fragments to patch together into a submission for this solar eclipse themed compilation. This is probably the quickest turn around I’ve ever seen for a comp, I finished my track yesterday, and it got released this afternoon! All the tracks on this are top notch too!


Radio Broadcast In England

Another compilation is being released this weekend. The “Just a Second” compilation is coming out via Sudden Moment Recordings. Entrants were asked to submit 1 second of sound which will then be edited together into a larger piece. This piece (or perhaps the first in a series?) is complete. You’ll get a chance to get a digital copy this weekend, but you can also get a first listen Friday on the radio:

BCfm, a community radio station in Bristol England, is broadcasting the world premiere of the outing on Friday at 1300 GMT (9pm EST, do the math to figure out when it airs live in your time zone). Host Phil Vickery will be dedicating a chunk of his programming to air this roughly 16-minute-long piece.
To listen live, go to http://bcfmradio.com/ and click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner.
If you miss the show, go to Phil’s In-Tune page where the archives are stored.

Meghan Trainor Themed Compilation

Plunderphonics, vaporwave, noise, drone . . . a little bit of all that. This is probably one of the strangest compilations I’ve ever taken part in. The instructions were pretty simple. We were all to pick a song off of Trainor’s latest album, and the only hard and fast rule was that it needed to be exactly the length of that song and have the same title. The result has everything from total deconstructions of the music, to actual covers of the songs. Its pretty interesting journey for your ears, and another reason I’m glad to be involved with CBR.


Netlabel Day 2017

This album is for my daughter Amelie. In many ways she is responsible for it. In some ways it is about her. Last summer (2016) we reached a point in her development where I could spare some moments for music production. These are some of the first recordings I made since she was born in April of 2015. These moments were deeply therapeutic, while also being some what anxious experiences. I would fashion these drones with my electric bass, bow, delay and loop pedal while she crawled around the space I played music in. I would have a few moments to construct loops while she was distracted by an instrument or toy, then I would have to stop her from crawling away.

These piece contain a lot tension and haunting sounds, reflective of the depression and anxiety I felt and continue to struggle with as a father. These pieces represent multiple attempts of a concept that are neither something I was entirely happy with nor completely disappointed by. They, to me, get at the core of parenting, a work in progress, a struggle, but at its core a joyful experience.

The recordings were done on a cold rainy day in August of 2016 in a tiny room in a small house in Middlesex Vermont.

Music by nd dentico
cover art by Amelie Raine Boucher

Please also take a moment to check out the other CBR netlabel day releases.

Also a few Compilation releases slipped under my radar during the chaos of moving into my new house.

The beginning of June brought the 400th HNM release and the 100th The Dark Thursday Netlabel release! Check them out in the respective links below:


There is also Escape Into Oblivion V.2, but I’m not sure if this one is complete or not. I know the curator of this was adding things to it, and I’m not sure if that continues to be the case.

Its been a busy summer already for me.



HNW To Fight Trump’s Wall

So Fuck Donald Trump Right?


Here’s another Anti-Trump Compilation. Seriously we should all keep doing this til this fuckers term is over.

This one is also supposed to have a physical release, but no word on whether or not that is going to happen and last I heard, my track didn’t make the cut for this one either.

Give it a listen though: