Local Paper Reviews New Album

Vermont’s local alternative weekly newspaper Seven Days reviewed every sound is a drone

Every once in a while they do a feature on a batch of albums that more or less didn’t make the cut for their normal review section. It tends to highlight some of the weirder parts of the Vermont music scene. I was very excited this evening to discover the timely inclusion of this review.


Collected Aural Detriments V. 21

This is the latest offering from N.O.I.S.E. The most recent call out for contributors brought in so much material the collective released three volumes separate volumes to release is all. There are some familiar names here from the Monolith comp and a good mix of new people.

Let your ears ring!


every sound is a drone

Well that new release has arrived as promised! Out today on Zero Sum Recordings is: every sound is a drone. The folks from ZSR put it very succinctly so I’ll quote them “Two lengthy experimental drone tracks incorporating elements of noise, found sound, and other darker styles.”
Buy yourself a copy of these limited c30s or name your own price on a download. Its my first official release of my bowed whisk works since 2013s You Can’t Win (which was my first cassette release)

Zero Sum Recordings to Release New Cassette

I have been continuously searching for a label to release some material I recorded several years ago. What is left is my first ever solo bass recordings, what I thought would be my first solo bass release but then I lost the files for them.

In my pursuit, I discovered this new cassette label Zero Sum, that releases material I feel very at home with. Unfortunately the material I sent them from that album was a little to noisey for the label, but they were still interested in my work.

Instead I polished up some recordings I did with bowed kitchen whisks, and field recordings. The result is two side long drones, that piqued the interest at Zero Sum. The plan is to have it released by Saturday!

I’ll have more details about it then.


Back to Back Compilations!

Yesterday I announced the Trump Funk compilation release, and today I receive notice of the latest compilations my work is on. First off is Sirona-Records 800th (oh boy!) release The Noise Compilation a catchy title, that no doubt says it all.  The second has been a long time coming, The Noise Nation Compilation This particular one has been in the works for 9 years! I have submitted to other compilations with the theme of gathering together noise artists representing every US state but this is the first one to deliver. This also includes artists outside the US. Enjoy


Trump Funk

Well its been’ a disturbing past nine days! I feel like the headline I’m expecting to see next, is “President continues down checklist of violations of human rights . . .” Many of us are really feeling the Trump funk now. A great time to remind you about this compilation I’m on. Its all themed around the election of Donald Trump and its more than a campy protest album. There are some real gems on this one. This will be on heavy rotation for me.
Grab a copy here: