Ballroom Wave

Here’s irony for you. I forgot to post about the Alzheimer fund raiser compilation. Its a tribute to Leyland Kirby’s Caretaker project. I’d got into all the details, but FACT Magazine already did a pretty good job:

Purchase a download of it to raise some funds for the Alzheimer’s Association:

Also stay tuned for a 4 cassette box set release.


10 seconds and Romero

Two compilations got released back to back.
One is a collection of tracks that are all 10s long. An idea in its 5th volume, this one is available for free from Skitnaste

The second, a tribute to director George A Romero. All proceeds from this release will be donated to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Charity.

Grab it!

Of day and night, of life and death

A common enough theme, explored beautifully with 34 tracks of experimental music. I’ve always been fond of labels marking a mile stone with a special release. I’m grateful to have discovered Xernex, and been able to participate in their 50th release.
Just starting a label myself it seems like such a feet to reach number 50. How many years will it take Histamine Tapes to get there? What will the label look like then.

Hopefully I will be able to reproduce such an epic as Xernex has:

Houston Benefit Vol. 2

The second and final volume of the Houston Flood Relief Benefit compilation series is here! Both compilations raise money (100% off sales) for Operation BBQ Relief which will help feed flood victims in Houston. The charity, album art and titles were all chosen by a crowd poll of contributors. It was an honor to be able to take part in this. Please consider buying donating to this, by purchasing either (or both) of the albums, or even just individual tracks. Below I have provided links to both Compilations

Houston Flood Relief Benefit

Welcome to HOUSTON FLOOD RELEIF, Volume One – a collections of songs for charity ( Operation BBQ Rescue )
on behalf of victims of Hurricane Harvey. Contains music & art from the following artists –

See Through Buildings / Zumaia / UBA / Mean Flow / Black Howler / Pedro /
DunJIN / Hari Hardman / Dormir dans la chambre froide ? / NMTArts / AMK /
/ Harsh Noise Movement / Wilfried Hanrath / Frank Audifrett / The Wiggins / tENETIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Ivan Black / Sea of Ă…land / Ghostskull / Ripley / Arvo Zylo / Soshana Michel / The Muse and the Martyr / Ninja McTits / Kellerkind Berlin / Der Domestizierte Mensch / Dimmer Twins / Karlheinz Essl / PetCatMan / I,Eternal / Dictionary Soup / Matthew Napier / Lord Iain Hawk / Pansori / Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / Playman54 / Harmonic Chaos / Arvo Zylo / Martin Neuhold / Heiland & Strigoi / Mydolls / Jim Ottaway /
Yuko Katori Anthony William Herndon /

Cover By : Papagena Yamamoto

Call Out: Houston Benefit Compilation

I’m participating in a compilation album to benefit Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston. It is yet to be determined who will be the beneficiary of this fund raising effort, but its looking likely to be a local Houston charity. 100% of money raised will go to the charity. Learn more here:
and consider contributing something, its open to all genres.

Are They Still Out There?

This compilation had a really interesting theme: unsolved crimes. So I used this as an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Vermont History. My track was about the disappearance of 5 people in a five year period in an area of Southern Vermont called the Bennington Triangle. Listen to the track to learn more about it.


I stared at the Sun

Unlike the U.S. President I did not actually stare at the sun during the solar eclipse. I spent my time recording fragments to patch together into a submission for this solar eclipse themed compilation. This is probably the quickest turn around I’ve ever seen for a comp, I finished my track yesterday, and it got released this afternoon! All the tracks on this are top notch too!