Netlabel Day 2017

This album is for my daughter Amelie. In many ways she is responsible for it. In some ways it is about her. Last summer (2016) we reached a point in her development where I could spare some moments for music production. These are some of the first recordings I made since she was born in April of 2015. These moments were deeply therapeutic, while also being some what anxious experiences. I would fashion these drones with my electric bass, bow, delay and loop pedal while she crawled around the space I played music in. I would have a few moments to construct loops while she was distracted by an instrument or toy, then I would have to stop her from crawling away.

These piece contain a lot tension and haunting sounds, reflective of the depression and anxiety I felt and continue to struggle with as a father. These pieces represent multiple attempts of a concept that are neither something I was entirely happy with nor completely disappointed by. They, to me, get at the core of parenting, a work in progress, a struggle, but at its core a joyful experience.

The recordings were done on a cold rainy day in August of 2016 in a tiny room in a small house in Middlesex Vermont.

Music by nd dentico
cover art by Amelie Raine Boucher

Please also take a moment to check out the other CBR netlabel day releases.

Also a few Compilation releases slipped under my radar during the chaos of moving into my new house.

The beginning of June brought the 400th HNM release and the 100th The Dark Thursday Netlabel release! Check them out in the respective links below:

There is also Escape Into Oblivion V.2, but I’m not sure if this one is complete or not. I know the curator of this was adding things to it, and I’m not sure if that continues to be the case.

Its been a busy summer already for me.




HNW To Fight Trump’s Wall

So Fuck Donald Trump Right?


Here’s another Anti-Trump Compilation. Seriously we should all keep doing this til this fuckers term is over.

This one is also supposed to have a physical release, but no word on whether or not that is going to happen and last I heard, my track didn’t make the cut for this one either.

Give it a listen though:

Ö Experimental Voice Compilation release

An another connection through Classwar Karaoke has developed into a very fruitful compilation.  The original call out was for an Experimental Voice CD, there were so many contributions it was extended to a net release as well. unfortunately I didn’t make the cut for the physical release, but I am grateful to appear among the list contributors involved in this. I am also very grateful to Neal D. Retke ({AN} Eel) for curating this.

My contribution can be found at the following link:

The CD Version can be found below, but I’m not sure any of the CDs will be available online:

Panic Structures Compilation

Once again I miss the release of another compilation that I’m on. This one, released on June 7th, is another one of Argali’s delightfully curated and themed compilations. This one takes panic and anxiety as it’s starting point. These 18 tracks brilliantly illustrate and attempt to alleviate the anxiety rampant in our culture right now. I’m glad to have participated. Give it a listen and download at Argali’s Bandcamp

Middle East Themed split

Here’s another project that came out of the noisecomps subbreddit. There weren’t enough takers for the comp, but it got released anyway as a three way split with Gripper and Collapsing. Once again grateful to be a part of this group.

For this release I sourced some material from archive of a old record of middle eastern music, plus some news footage from Al Jazeera

give it a listen here it will be up on my own Bandcamp shortly

Watto Split

Why not a split noise album based on the the Star Wars prequel character Watto? This is a very noisey four way between myself, no funeral, Wailing Cunt, and seething. Once again my track is the outlier, being more sound collage / musique concrete than HNW, but works as an interested rest amidst the chaos.  Brought to us by the same person who set up the Winter 2016 comp and zine, I’m grateful to be working with no funeral again.

Local Paper Reviews New Album

Vermont’s local alternative weekly newspaper Seven Days reviewed every sound is a drone

Every once in a while they do a feature on a batch of albums that more or less didn’t make the cut for their normal review section. It tends to highlight some of the weirder parts of the Vermont music scene. I was very excited this evening to discover the timely inclusion of this review.