“It’s unsettling, as much for the vagueness of its opaque sounds as the vagueness of the shifting emotions it evokes. ”
Seven Days


I began making noise music back in 2004, when living in an apartment in Brunswick, Maine. My neighbors complained about my punk band practicing there, so I switched my focus to editing audio with Windows sound recorder. My first few albums, consisted of nothing more than layering, reversing, changing speed, and adding echo to recordings I made with a computer mic.

Since then I have switched to slightly more sophisticated DAW, and have adapted my work to live applications. My focus has centered more on ambient and drone music, incorporating the bass guitar and kitchen utensils (most notably the whisk). But I continue to layer and patch these pieces into sound collages.

Over the years I have branched out to playing more shows, including an east coast tour, and some Northeast festivals (Xfest and Frantasia). I have worked with a number of labels including Forever Escaping Boredom, Cavern Brew Records, Zero Sum Recordings, and Classwar Karaoke. I am proud to have shared bills with id m theft able, Crank Sturgeon, Tashi Dorji, Jaap Blonk and many more.

I now live in central Vermont with my partner Stephanie and daughter Amelie.


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