fallen lo Drone Day Compilation

I’m very honored to be sorrowed by many of the greats of contemporary drone music, on this beast of a compilation: banishing from fallen lo, a Canadian net label. give this a listen here:


Also another r/noisecomps release has come out to
Consigned to Oblivion 3


Anarchist Black Cross Helsinki Fund Raiser

That pretty much sums it up. This compilation is a gem. Its very broad in its scope of experimental music, and it goes to a good cause. Throw them some money, get cool music. Act soon and you might be able to score a copy of the cassette too.


Variations on the Seinfeld Theme

A new cassette available from my own label Histamine Tapes which debuted in January! I’ve been so busy promoting the label, and the other releases I never stopped to update this blog. (Maybe this redundant?)

As my daughter entered toddlerhood, I found my self only being able to record in fragments. A bit of improv on the bass, five minutes of processing on another track, late nights cutting and pasting samples, etc.  It was only logical I do an exploration of  shorter pieces. 27 meandering tracks of improve and sound collage, and a 29 minute drone for the side B.

On Limited Edition c60s @
Histamine Tapes

Christmas Time For The Avant Garde

Today’s a really good day to not celebrate Christmas because there’s so much noise to fill your head with. First is the return of Petroglyph Music’s Annual Christmas Comp.


Then there’s the r/noisecomps holiday noise offering


And my favorite label Cavern Brew has a stocking stuffer for us


Closing out 2017

I began this year with a goal. My New Years resolution (even though I kind of hat resolutions) was to release as much music as possible. I rigorously sought out compilations to submit to, saying yes to all (and regretting it sometimes). I released two full length albums; every sound is a drone and my first netlabel day release The Ambiguous Notion of Responsibility, and contributed 40 tracks to compilations, (nearly 50 if you count ones that won’t be released the year). To add to that I started my own cassette label, began works on another with a couple of friends, built a house, and began playing in a band. It was a fun, if demanding, challenge for myself this year.

In the year to come I plan on slowing things down a bunch with Subversive Intentions. I clearly felt this year that I needed to play catch up for the first two years of fatherhood where I did nothing but play Dad. This next year, I hope to spend more time listening to other peoples music. I will also be putting a lot of energy into Histamine Tapes. But I also I want to try harder to get shows, the one thing that was surely missing from 2017.

Here’s a nice recap of the my work this past year. I created a playlist of all of my compilation tracks over 2017. It includes everything I sent out minus a couple of tracks that haven’t been released yet, and those that were part of collaborations.


Electricity Compilation

This is one of those compilations where tracks are continuously added to. So I think because of that I forgot to post on it, but at this point the submission deadline has passed so its safe to say it is complete(?) A delightful comp themed on electricity. Grab a copy from Fraction Studios


Collaboration Compilations

I got a couple of new compilations for you all, both of which are collaborative. One is the r/noisecomps annual Simultaneous Aural Detriments. Each submission is a 15 minute track with 12 minutes of silence. The tracks are then mixed into one 15 minute track. This results are always interesting. Check out the 5th installment here:


The next one is a collection of field recordings gathered by [An] Eel. Each person submitted a field recording. Tracks were then paired together, and edited by [An] Eel. Another great compilation from him. Check out Elemental Landscapes, Vol. 1: