Antihistamine 2021

Here it is the 5th Antihistamine No Synth compilation! I have 1 track on here called “you’ve ingested the secret sauce of capitalism and you’re ruined forever” there are lots of exciting tracks on this!


Next Release Out on Flophouse

I was asked by Garret from Flophouse to make a follow up to last years Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene. So earlier this year I set out to do just that.

I had some leftovers from NtOMPSttA that I reworked for this, but most of it was from scratch. This time around instead of the focus being broadly on Climate Change I narrowed the theme down to climate refugees. I have samples from news broadcast about Honduran’s migrating to American as well as the animal refugees like the Salt Marsh Sparrow. This is borrows heavily from NtOMPSttA’s heavy cut up methodology.

The release is coming soon on tape from Michigan’s Flophouse. If your not already familiar you should check them out. They are one of my current favorites new cassette labels.

2021 Updates For SI and company

2021 is another good year of releases for me.

I have began a series of experimentations with four track recorder. I have been playing around with different varieties of tape loops to make drones, noise, and cut ups. I am releasing a new track every Bandcamp Friday.

Check out what I’ve done so far:

You can also find them on Spotify if you search for nd dentico

Speaking of which in addition to getting my nd dentico up on streaming services I have gotten a few Subversive Intentions.

Coming in the next couple weeks is my next album of nd dentico beat stuff. This is a continuation of all the ambient beat stuff I did last year, with beats made from the kaossilator app, layered over loops made from old 78 records and this time I added a layer of improvised bass guitar. That’s coming out on Cavern Brew who is closing up shop later this year. I’ll be supplying new material for a final compilation from them some time at years end.

The next Subversive Intentions album comes out in a few months on one of my new favorite tape labels Flophouse. They have a pretty amazing roster and I’m super stoked to be a part of it.

In the fall I will release the first cassette tape from my drone metal project Parenthetical. Back in in 2019 I released a digital demo of this project, but it’s been stuff that I have worked on for few years prior. I had released some albums and compilations tracks of the early experiments of this project as Subversive Intentions, but it felt important in 2019 to give this project its own identity.

I have a cache of culls from that flophouse album I put together that I might release at the end of year as a digital only album on Histamine Tapes.

I will also finally be releasing material from the noise jazz trio I play bass in with drummer Steven Lichti and Bass Clarinet/Electronics from Michael Braun Hamilton. This project is called Glacial Erratics and there will be a series of releases. The first two will be digital only live albums, and one tape of recordings made at Steven’s house.

What a crazy whirlwind of creative production. I may take some time off from creating new music for a while after this. I’m feeling a bit burned out after making the flophouse album. I’ll probably keep at the four track stuff since its so new and fun, but that’s going to last (for now) as long as the band camp Fridays do.


First off i want to say thanks to all of you who gave Subversive Intentions support in 2020. In spite of Covid madness it was probably my best year as an artist. Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene sold out very quickly, and it continues to get listened to pretty regularly. I’m very amazed and humbled by this response.

NTOMPSTTA wasn’t the only releases I did either. I put out a duo improv album of accordion and bass with Jacob Levesque.

And my first two beat release. One on my own Histamine Tapes, the second on Lurker Bias

There are still copies of the later on cassette.

I almost considered taking it easy this year, but things just started falling into place. I was asked by label Flophouse from Michigan to put an album together for them (a sequel to NTOMPSTTA). I imagine it will be coming out in the next few months.

I also scored a four track cassette recorder. So I’ve been messing around with tape loops and publishing the results every bandcamp friday. Here’s a sample:

I’ll also finally be release some material from my noise jazz improv trio Glacial Erratics. A couple of live recordings will be filling out the net release side of Histamine Tapes. In December there will be a cassette release of some recordings from Steven’s home studio in Montpelier.

I also have material for my next nd dentico beat tape. I’ve shopped it around to a few labels already. Any one reading this want to release it?

Speaking of beats I’ve always wanted one of my albums to get the remix treatment. So I’m starting the process to find beat minding folk who might want to deconstruct pieces from NTOMPSTTA. it’s been a slow process, but at some point I’ll get there.

Upcoming Cassette Release

September 25th I will be releasing my next album as Subversive Intentions.

This has been the most involved work I’ve ever done as a musician, and the album I am perhaps the most proud of and excited to present to you all. I’ve been working at reduced rate over at Histamine Tapes, but this was one release I had to put out this year. It is far too important and has been waiting to long to be out in world. It has taken about three years to reach this point.

It began back around the time that I started Histamine Tapes. I was conjuring ideas of the kind of sound I wanted the label to have and at the time I went deep into the SI back catalog to remember what excited me the most about experimental music. I then realized that my sound has gotten so much more polished over the years, which isn’t really a bad thing, but it was a thing, and I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be that way. So I set out to regain that lo fi sensibility of the early years, when I just had the cheapest of 1/8″ jack computer mics to record with.

I figured the mic on my cellphone would approximate. Over the course of two years and two different cellphones, I began to compile as many recordings as I possibly could. It was until the spring of 2019 that I sat down to listen to what I had compiled. What I discovered was my cellphone (actually two different Samsung Galaxy smart phones) had a pretty decent mic on it and this was not going to be the lo fi revival I thought it would be. It was however an opportunity to revisit the cut up methodology that had dominated my early albums.

This editing work, what I think of as the actual composition process for any SI album, took place under the back drop of the Trump led U.S. exit of the Paris climate accord, the U.N.’s report on global climate change, and climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Autumn Peltier becoming a part of our popular discourse. This coupled with my own anxieties about the technology I use to produce music (cellphones/computers/consumer electronics) and its impact on the environment, it only made sense that this would be my “Climate Change” album.

This album does not posit any solutions. Other than “listen to scientists.” Like most of my albums its more of a meditation on a subject/ way to deal with my anxiety around an issue. I tried to pair as much as possible mechanical/technological sounds, with natural environmental sounds, as a statement about our presence in the world and our impact on it. We are of this world, and we are in it, and at the same time destroying it. We are burning our own house down. This is the legacy of centuries of White Supremacy. This is the end result of the experiment of colonialism. Destroy the World, then find a new one. Hence the title: Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene. Intended to be read : Not “the” as in it is only “a” soundtrack. We all need to tell this story.

This album arrives one week from today on reclaimed cassettes with jcards cut from a vintage children’s book on firefighters. Get it at


Well as per usual I haven’t been here in a long time, but rest assured I am ever forward with SI!
I made the realization that I hadn’t updated my discography since about 2018! That’s now up to date including a couple of compilation appearances I never added to 2017.
More exciting news I have made much progress on my latest album. Its now has a name Not The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene
I have its completely mixed and mastered I just need to finalize the track listing and name all of them. It won’t be out until this summer, but I should have a teaser track soon up on the Histamine Tapes Soundcloud page.
Also initial recording has begun on the new Parenthetical (my drone metal project) album. Its going to be a slow process I’m not loving what I’m coming up with, so there may not be anything until 2021.

SI at 15!

Holy Shit it’s been a year since I posted any updates here. Does anyone still follow me here? I’ve been so busy this past year with my label (Histamine Tapes http:// that there hasn’t been much to report. Until now. 2019 marks the 15th year I’ve been making experimental music. 15 years as Subversive Intentions. I missed the opportunity to do anything to commemorate my 10th anniversary, but this one I have big plans.

I plan on releasing a box set of the best of my earliest work. I tried to include everything, but I ended up needing to cull some of it, but I feel like I included all of my favorites. It’s a 6 cassette box, housed in audio book cases that previously contained the Great Courses on Tape lecture series. I’ve only made 6 (after they sell out they will be made available on demand). Each box will have a different cover, a one of a kind collage, mainly assembled from clippings of jcards from Histamine Tapes. The plan is to release it through HT as a Cassette Store Day release. It appears that it will be October 12th this year, but I haven’t seen any activity on the USA cassette store day website.

This release also serves as a symbolic gesture of a transition in my music production. I will not be closing the door on Subversive Intentions, but new music under that name will become increasingly rare and more focused. I will be reserving that name exclusively for my sound collage pieces. From now on all of my drone and ambient stuff will be released under the name nd dentico. I already have at least two albums worth of material to release that I’m currently shopping around for labels to pick up. In addition I have an unnamed atmospheric doom metal project I may release on netlabel day if I end up sticking to a name. I’m also in the midst of scrapping together a new Subversive Intentions album, all collages made from recordings done exclusively on my cell phone.

In addition to these I have one in upcoming compilation release which will be the first release as nd dentico. It’s the Palacion Drone compilation. No word yet on when it gets released but should be soon. Stay Tuned.